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After consulting the best gynecologist, Dr Uma Mishra, M.D., you can rest assured that your concerns will get resolved through suitable medications, suitable diagnostics, treatments or surgeries.
If required, the best team of doctors of other specialties best in their field will be available for consultation.
For surgeries, an expert team of specialists is available and is ready for your care at any time.

Dr Uma Mishra

M.D., Obstetrics & Gynaecologist
Dr Uma Mishra is the best Gynecologist of Noida with wide experience of resolving all types of Gyaecological & Obstetrics issues. She has experience of working with many top hospitals of India.

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  • UGF-17, Panchsheel Pratishtha, Sector-75, Noida
  • Civitech Sampriti, Sector-77, Noida
  • Motherhood Hospital, Sector-48, NOIDA
  • LYF Hospital, Gaur city-2
  • Motherland Hospital
  • Cloudnine Hospital, Noida
  • Fortis Lafemme, GK-II, New Delhi

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